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Welcome to the afterlife! That's right, you're dead as dead can be. Your body's probably buried or burned or eaten or whatever happened to you back home, and now you're here. Stuck until you overcome whatever it was in your life that's keeping you going after death. Everyone has their own traumas, their own regrets, and their own thing to move past. The fact is, you're all stuck together in the same place: a strange high school, surrounded by inhuman things that those who used to be alive seem to call "NPCs" as though this were some kind of video game. They act like nothing's wrong, but you know the truth, and so do the other deceased around you. The worst part is that even in this place designed for you to make peace with your life and to move on peacefully, it seems like something's gone wrong. Something's gone very wrong.

There are shadows. Amongst the average school life, it seems like these shadows are the exact opposite of average. If they touch you, if they take you that's it. You're screwed, and you're going to become just like one of those NPCs until someone finds a way to get you back. With a mysterious man known only as the Programmer and a reprogrammed NPC operating the Angel Player system with what's very clearly not the best interest of the rest of the humans in mind, how will you overcome the new trials of the afterlife? Will you fight? Will you give in? Or will you just try to stick to that normal life you always wanted?

[community profile] afterliving is a roleplay inspired by the world of Angel Beats! Set in the afterlife, characters will meet other dead people and come face to face with their own mortality whilst trying to save themselves and others from a new threat. RESERVES AND APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED INDEFINITELY!
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